Leagues considering saftey nets
After the death of 13-year-old Brittanie Cecil, hockey leagues are weighing different options to protect fans. The AHL, ECHL, and the NHL are considering the use of protective netting in their buildings.

While the effort to protect spectators is a noble one, it would significantly degrade the visibility of an already hard to follow sport.

In addition to saftey netting and raising the glass, requiring the lower bowl to be 18 and over is another option. It would ensure that those in the front rows are aware of the risk, and that children would only have to worry about the danger of flying promotional t-shirts.


Selanne re-signs, Nabokov does not, Theo in Limbo
San Jose had 2 major goals this offseason, sign Teemu, and sign Evgeni Nabokov.

Selanne takes $3 million pay cut to stay a Shark - Ross McKeon

Selanne signs 1-year, $6.5M deal with option - AP

Teemu deserves large amounts of props for taking a paycut to stay in teal. His situation has not been an easy one [playing time issues, differences with coach, injured hand in the playoffs, missed open net].

With the contract, he stays with a contender in the Western conference, and does not exceed the Owen Nolan salary cap of 6.5 million a season.

Evgeni Nabokov remains unsigned after declining arbitration. The financial juggling required in order to re-sign Nabokov may preclude Dean Lombardi from signing Theo Fleury. It is unfortunate, a tight knit club, a tough but understanding coach, the laissez-faire local media, and the lack of a nightlife in SJ all lead to a perfect environment for #14.

2002 entry draft
We are going to try to line up an interview with Hockeysfuture.com's Mike Delfino, but for now here are a few links and photos of the latest prospects.

1st - W Mike Morris
2nd - D Dan Spang
3rd - W Jonas Fiedler
5th - C Kris Newbury
5th - D Tom Walsh
7th - D Tim Conboy
9th - D Michael Hutchins

New name for Compaq Center
Compaq Center

The Compaq Center formerly known as the San Jose Arena will now be renamed the HP Pavilion.

Our artist rendering of how the new building will look after the change.