Jeff Friesen 3/29/2001 post game interview

Jeff Friesen returns to San Jose

Jeff FriesenJeff Friesen 3/29/2001 against San Jose [SJ 7 ANA 4]:
1 assist, 20:58 ice time, -1 +/-, 3 faceoffs won, 3 faceoffs lost, 2 penalties taken [holding, roughing], 1 hit, 1 takeaway, 1 giveaway.

Jeff Friesen talked with reporters after the game.

[How do you feel about the trade to Anaheim?]

[JF] Trades happen. They are a part of pro sports. Players come and go.

[How did you feel after the phone call from Dean Lombardi?]

[JF] It was just an empty feeling. I spent seven years here. Thats the nature of the business, players come and go. Thats the bottom line.

[How do your current teammates feel about the trade?]

[JF] They have all been traded, they know what its like. They have been in the league.

[Did you want to play your whole career in San Jose?]

[JF] Well I did, but obviously thats not very realistic. You go through some tough times with the way salaries are today. Changes are made very quick. Its not about loyalty, its about winning. Management has a job to do. They need to look out for themselves and make the best trade available. With teams making moves like Colorado and St Louis, the Sharks knew they had to make a move.

[What about the possibility of you coming back as a free agent?]

[JF] Thats not for real. I wont be a free agent for six or seven more years. Ive played seven years, and thats a long time away.

[How does San Jose look for the playoffs?]

[JF] Somebody's going to have to beat them. They are a good hockey team. Solid. Especially if they get Vinnie back. That makes them scary.

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